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Helicopters putting out forest fires and moving drills - Charter Tours - Mining - Surveys - Northwest Territories, Yukon, British Columbia

Trans North Helicopters provides helicopter charter and specialty services to a diverse range of industries throughout Northwestern Canada. Our pilots are all trained for mountainous operations with safety and efficiency as top priorities. All our helicopters are equipped with satellite based Automatic Flight Following and Sat-Phones and backed up by Central Dispatch Control. Our services are available on a casual, as and when needed basis from any of our strategically located bases or on a longer term, dedicated contract basis.

Mining - Exploration and Development

Supporting mineral resource exploration, from the grass roots claim staking through to drilling and development, is our specialty. Our diverse fleet can match the right helicopter to the job, from claim staking, soils and geochem sampling, fly camp support through to camp mobs and drill moves. Trans North Helicopter specializes in mineral exploration and magnetometer geological surveys.

Geological and Aerial Surveys

Through our long history serving mining, gas and oil industries we have developed the expertise and have the equipment to meet most geological, geophysical, seismic and aerial survey requirements.

Helicopter Fire Suppression - Trans North Helicopters - Charter Tours - Mining - Surveys - Northwest Territories, Yukon, British Columbia

Forestry - Fire Suppression, Wildlife Management Surveys, Rescue and Medivac

Getting to and from anywhere fast in the north means going by air. Whether contributing to forest fire control, or aiding government agencies in search and rescue operations and helicopter medivac.

We work extensively with Territorial and Provincial Forestry and Fire Suppression agencies. Our aircraft are all equipped with the required suppression gear as well as GPS Automated Flight Following. Support to Wildlife Management Agencies includes extensive wildlife survey and capture experience. Whether assisting in forest fire control or aiding in search and rescue or medivac operations, Trans North is ready to help get emergency services, equipment and people where they need to be as soon as is safely possible. Our fleet is equipped with stretcher capability as well as Satellite Phones to facilitate air to ground communications.

Trans North Helicopters' commitment to safety means we are ready to help get emergency services, equipment and people where they need to be as soon as is safely possible.

Film and Tourism

The Yukon provides some of the most unique, breathtaking vistas North America has to offer. Film makers and advertisers have been taking advantage of this beautiful area of the world for decades - and Trans North has been called on, drawing on our local knowledge to help find the perfect location. Our pilots have flown most of the popular aerial camera equipment such as Tyler, Westcam, Panasonic and Gyron camera mounts to name a few.

Trans North does do heli-tour charter flights from any of our Bases. You can design your own route or we can suggest tours for you. Flights are subject to aircraft availability and weather of course. Such flights are on an "as booked" charter basis. We do not operate such tours on a per seat basis. Typically a four passenger Bell Jetranger is the helicopter of choice.


The Trans North team prides itself on our maintenance and support infrastructure. We have the largest helicopter maintenance facility, parts and spares inventory in the Yukon. Trans North is a Bell Certified Customer Service Facility for Bell Helicopter parts sales. Our diverse maintenance department in Whitehorse is set up to be a self contained facility with the ability to provide our own overhauls, non-destructive testing, machining, structures, electrical and general maintenance. We employ a full time roster of maintenance engineering staff with close to a 1 to 1 ratio to helicopters operated. Our objective is to provide the best backup and support possible.

No matter where you need to go in Northwestern Canada, Trans North Helicopters can get you there.
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